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The Cardiologist

Dr Ali Khavandi

Dr Ali Khavandi is a Consultant Interventional Cardiologist.
He specialises in complex angioplasty and advanced rhythm device implantation (complex pacemakers and defibrillators). He is part of the Consultant team providing 24/7 emergency treatments for the regional heart attack service at the Bristol Heart Institute. He has a special interest in minimising pacemaker scars.

As well as performing advanced procedural treatments Ali has a specific interest in preventing and treating cardiovascular risk factors (such as high blood pressure and cholesterol) through diet and exercise. This has lead to appearances on the BBC and he currently writes on the subject of diet and health for the Observer. Ali is lead for the Cardiologist’s Kitchen project, which helps patients manage their high blood pressure through diet and lifestyle.

Ali provides specialist medical overview for the programmes and will advise if there are any specific medical queries, questions or requirements for more detailed investigations. He can also offer direct consultation if requested at Circle Bath or BMI Bath Clinic for insured as well as non-insured patients.

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The Cardiac Physiologist

Colin Nicholson

Colin Nicholson has specialist expertise in advanced Echocardiography (ultrasound scans of the heart). For over 15 years he worked for the NHS gaining experience in various tertiary centres which, enabled a progressive and rewarding career as a Radiographer and Cardiac Physiologist.

Early on in his career Colin had to balance work with a professional rugby contract. Ultimately academia was the chosen pathway but the discipline and knowledge of sport physiology obtained from these early years shaped his interests of

today. When the physical demands of rugby were too great; cycling became an obsessive pastime enhancing his knowledge in the benefits of Cardiovascular exercise.

Working in Cardiology for many years Colin was part of a highly skilled multiple disciplinary team performing a variety of complex interventional procedures. It became apparent that many of these cardiovascular diseases could be prevented and outcomes improved following treatments through prescribed cardiac exercise rehabilitation.Colin’s expertise is directed towards development, delivery but also tracking and monitoring of data during the programme.

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The Athlete

Dan Cossins

Dan Cossins is a former Great Britain International sprinter and European Silver medalist. He has coached team GB athletes to both summer and winter Olympics.

Dan has also been a professional personal trainer for many different clients over a 10-year period. His philosophy is to help people reach their fitness and sporting goals through enhancing health. This interest in health in the wider sense has lead to him concentrating more on issues such as obesity, cardiovascular and mental health.

Dan provides the sports science and coaching expertise integrated within the medical structure and cardiovascular goals of the CardioFITr programmes.

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The Exercise Physiologist

Alys Harben

Alys Harben is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist. She studied Sports and Exercise Science at University and built on this at postgraduate level with a specific focus on Clinical Exercise Physiology. Her academic background links exercise and health with data interpretation and analysis.

Professionally, Alys worked at Nuffield Health for a number of years as a Senior Wellbeing Advisor, leading the fitness and business operations. She has expertise in integrated health programmes including fitness and wellbeing, physiotherapy, and sports physiology.

Alys has also worked in the Middle East with extensive experience promoting health and wellbeing across the emirate as a personal trainer and fitness presenter-host for Physique TV. She has featured adventure destinations in the UAE including personal highlights of first hand Formula 1 experience with the drivers at the Yas marina circuit and sky diving in palm Jumeirah.

As part of the CardioFITr team, Alys now uses this experience and expertise in developing and delivering personalised programmes, which target cardiovascular risk factors. 

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