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Dr Ali Khavandi


CardioFItr plans are personalised 10-week exercise programmes for individuals or couples. The programmes are tailored specifically to your underlying condition, ability and age with defined goals. Our aim is to make the exercise enjoyable, achievable and comfortable.

At the first session you will have a detailed assessment including medical background and risk factor profile. Over 20 metrics will be documented and specific goals defined. Common targets are blood pressure improvement, Cholesterol lowering, reduction of visceral fat (weight loss) and improvement in type 2 diabetes. However, we also see individuals at the other end of the spectrum who are already fit and want to improve cardiovascular capacity and fitness as efficiently as possible based on scientific tracking.

The programmes are based on 2 sessions per week for a 10-week cycle as this is the required commitment to be able to demonstrate change.

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Monitoring & Tracking

At the core of each programme is monitoring and tracking and this distinguishes CardioFITr from standard exercise or personal training programmes. We will be monitoring and tracking multiple metrics from a baseline on the first assessment session and these will include things like blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar control, heart rate, improvement in power output and body fat/ visceral fat percentage to name a few.

This allows the programme to evolve dynamically based on your specific physiological response to the exercise.

The expectation will be to demonstrate changes by the end of the 10-week programme which will be presented in a formal report with graphical documentation.

For patients with heart rhythm disturbances, atrial fibrillation and arrhythmias we are now delivering high quality exercise and home ECG monitoring in partnership with Heart Rhythm Direct.

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Combining cardio & resistance conditioning

In most cases, the optimal programme will consist of a combination of tailored cardiovascular exercise and resistance conditioning. These elements will form the basis of each session.

The Cardiovascular element is structured around a WattBike trainer which allows precise, efficient and low impact training with the ability for accurate data interrogation and improvement tracking.

You will start with zone mapping interval assessment exercises that will define your optimal thresholds based on heart rate tracking and perceived levels of exertion. This allows for efficient and progressive improvements whilst minimising risk and injury associated with excessive unmonitored exercise. This is not the "boot camp" philosophy and you should find each session enjoyable and appropriately pitched to your requirements and staged improvements.

Whole body resistance conditioning will also start with a physical assessment that is based around posture, core strength and balance. This then allows for targeted exercise which will continue to train the cardiovascular system whilst strengthening the whole body and optimising the balance of skeletal muscle to body fat ratio.

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